Lips, Hips and Finger Tips

The Original African Body Type and European Emulation.

Are we really Bootylicious?

Historically, the most sought after body-type in the world has been the African woman. This very first impression of the divine womanhood came from our Creator, thus making these beautiful features and body types the object of desire, envy and emulation. This original African type can vary but it includes and is not limited to:

Large hips and buttocks, dark skin, sensuous lips, dark eyes and curly hair.  

This is the mother image and the variation on the theme is the daughter image below.

I entitled this essay Lips, Hips and Fingertips in order to pay homage to the African frame and to the African man who loved the beauty and sensuality of the fuller body. I love this essay and buy it I am by no means negating any other body type. Whether you are small framed, thin, have large breast and smaller behind you all came from the original model and by putting this model in its proper perspective we will all be able to Love ourselves by knowing ourselves! I just want all black woman and to stop being objectified and start loving the skin and body the Creator gave us and by extension all women will understand their places.


Yaw Asantawa pride of the Asante

When I was a girl-woman in my early teens a few friends and I - all coming into our womanhood- would stroll around our town talking, laughing and exploring. Times were different then and crime was low. We knew almost everyone in our small town and our parents did not fear for our safety or fear that we would easily give our precious virginity away, so they gave us freedom to roam within reason.  We could with permission, go to the park, carnival, recreation center or ride out bikes until the street lights came on.  On our summer wanderings, we 'd invariably ran across a group of young boys on bikes or men sitting on a stoop, shootin' the breeze.  When we passed them most times someone would shout out -

'Oooo Lips, Hips and Fingertips!'

Being young giggly girls we’d look over at that group of men and boys, put our hands over our mouths, blush, giggle and walk faster toward our destination our behinds swaying and our backs arched like little ponies. We did not fully understand that our quickened pace made our hips jump (not that we tried to) and this action brought more enjoyment to the men that sat on the stoops and tat was the reason they called out to us.  Although we were not afraid of their comments or glances, even in our innocence we understood the beauty and desirability of our bodies. Between our laughter and embarrassment we innately understood their comments to be compliments.  Unfortunately, that was a different time with different morals.


Varnette Honeywood

or the last 2500 years the image of the original African woman has became an anathema and has been slowly replaced by the European image. Conversely the image of the European woman has been maneuvered to become more African. Why?  Because in the system of white supremacy, white genetic survival, all non-white male and female bonding pairs must satellite around the image of the white male and/or the white woman, making them the prize for, idolization, adoration, acceptance and conception. This new paradigm instituted by the ‘system’ first admires, then envies and then co-opts the original African image by demonizing, mammy-fying or whori-fying the original image before stealing the image and ‘rehabilitating’ it to make I  desirable to the world.

Imo-tation of Life


This shift does not center around body-style alone, it encompass hairstyle, skin coloration [tans], language and mannerisms.  There are white men and woman that claim to be Blacker than a black man or woman by imitation. They desire to emulate us while castigating the original type and will challenge you on your authenticity!  I felt it was necessary for us to look at this phenomenon and its ancient originals as we can shed light on the counterfeit.  

Why does the European [Caucasian] woman pay billions of dollars a year to achieve an ancient look of the Black woman?  Why do we Africans on the other hand believe we need to conform to the European standard of beauty when this criterion is not the original, but the co-opting of the 'root' image?

Martin Lawrence degrading the original image as 'Big Mama'

This is nothing new under the Sun. The European system imitates and replaces everything from the original African culture. This trickles down to us until we hate the image of our mothers and sisters. We have come to laugh and scorn the African model or make it an object of 'freaky' desire.  As we see there are several steps in the co-opting and replacement of the African model and this can be applied to art, music, philosophy, religion, fad and fashion, culture, science everything taken from the original African model. We can sum it up by saying, it is the robbery of the original life systems of the African in order to remold it into 'Western or Occidental Culture'.

My hope is that this essay will enlighten us by making us away of the tricks of the deceiver and to shed some light on the schemes they have concocted as one of the 'many' avenues in system of White Supremacy, white genetic survival.

The Mother/Wife/Venus

The African ‘Root’ woman was the ‘Mother of all Living’ and the basis for all beauty, sensuality and sexual desire in the ancient world.  This original woman had full round lips, small to medium size breast, large hips, protruding buttocks, curly hair and dark skin. 


What has happened to this image? It was first envied, then ridiculed, hated and finally stolen by the European. The terra cotta model above is one of the many examples of first feminine beauty and motherhood in the world.  The original hourglass figure with protruding vulva was the symbol of the fertile womb and the ability to procreate and bring forth a nation. When clothes began to covered the vaginal lips, then the facial lips replaced that designation. Soon big red lips would signify swollen or big red vaginal lips and a woman ready to conceive and bear a nation of royalty.


Honestly, this essay is dedicated to ALL the beauty it all its manifestations in African women.  My earnest desire is to have all women of all body types release themselves from the bondage of the electronic and print media’s perception of beauty.  The first step in this process is to celebrate the original African Model, our mother. I believe when this is accomplished then all women will appreciate who they are and agree with this Psalms and this picture by Varnette Honeywood entitled 'Hip Bones.’

‘I am fearfully and wonderfully made.’

 Psalms 139:14


Beauty of Creation


The African Woman in profile



They say, ‘Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder’ and if that is true one of the first Biblical beholders was Adam and the beauty he beheld the beauty of his African woman.  We need to understand the African Model WAS and IS the most sought after model in the world. 


Ask yourself!


      1. Why had the historic and modern media - fueled by White Supremacy  co-opt the original African model of a woman with full lips, hips and buttocks?

      2. Why have we looked at our own beauty and rejected it, replacing our uniqueness with blue contact lenses and iron straight hair?

      3. Why have we traded in our SEAT of authority for more compact buttocks?

      4. Why do we look to Vogue, and Cosmopolitan and New York and Europe, the bastions of European design homosexuality, to dictate what were are supposed to look like.

      5. Why do we believe the hype of Hollywood and Wall Street and misogynistic Hip-Hop videos?



The Mother of all Living


This image is seen all over the world as the model of the original  Wife/Mother This is the image the instrument of LIFE that is found in all continents - because the seed of humanity comes from the first woman of Africa.





Booty Envy

Let’s take a look at what WAS to understand what IS… It is time for us to break the cycle of bondage. Pictured below is the European adaptation of the African model show above.


‘Just trying to get some booty’


Some may find this funny but this phenomenon did not develop over night. Our culture is currently in the 'Buttocks Wars' as I call them - From the music videos to Jennifer Lopez and Shakira the media is obsessed with image of a big the behind.  There is a reason as we will soon see.

The original model of the African woman was large full lips, large posterior, shapely hip and deep dark eyes - in addition to her reddish-brown - coffee - mocha -midnight skin, and kinky-curly-wavy hair. These sought after attributes were symbols of POWER and AUTHORITY because heaven was between the thighs of the African woman. The power that comes with life-giving, God ordained procreation.


The symbol of the vagina

Bread of Life [the eternal vagina] found in the burial temples of Egypt.


The system of global White Supremacy [remember I am talking about a system and how it has manifested itself in the ancient modern world on ALL people] this system and those in its employ and perpetuation, understands their need for white genetic survival.  The SEED WARS are waged in earnest since antiquity finally making a show in Abortion-Murder-Euthanasia-Homicide-Genocide policies. Kingship, power and authority rested in the female's womb and with HER SEED. 


“The social features of pre-patriarchal society have sometimes survived under conditions of advanced civilization. This happened notably in Egypt. Down to the time of the Dynasty of Greek rulers sought to introduce foreign usages, the conservative society of the great African kingdom, which has contributed so largely to the material and intellectual culture of the Western world, never lost the lineaments of the matriarchal social order…The function of royalty in Ancient Egypt were regarded as being transmitted in the female line…Those features of the constitution of Egyptian royalty are not singular. They are substantially identical with those obtained in all other African kingdoms.” [The Mothers, pp274-75, by Robert Briffault]. Excerpted from p. 95, Introduction to African Civilization by John G. Jackson.


The Egyptians [Khemetic] and the Semitic/Hamitic peoples of the area understood the need for the seed-bearing woman who is identified with the Ethiopian [All of Africa] to be the Seed Carrier for a nation/world.


Most of the Pharaoh's were married to the Egyptian/Nubian 'SEED' woman, as was Moses, Solomon and various other people of Biblical and non-Biblical men of antiquity. Today we see a modification of the original body type being promoted, but the message is the same - 'This body type will bring about the 'seed that will survive until the end of time.'

“The function of royalty in ancient Egypt were regarded as being transmitted in the female line. While every Egyptian princess of the royal house was born a queen and ore the titles and dignities of that office from the day of her birth, a man only acquired them at his coronation, and could do so only by becoming the ‘consort’ of the Royal princess.” [The Mothers, pp274-75, by Robert Briffault]. Excerpted from p. 95, Introduction to African Civilization by John G. Jackson.


So what does this mean? Well, the ancient body type became the desired body type for royalty, and that royalty came through the female line. When the European saw this custom that according to Dr. Robert Briffault cited by John Jackson,


‘The custom was strange to the Greek, but they were normal features of African society.’


they wanted to change the image and custom. They did so by first taking the desired sensual image and changing it into ‘Mammy’ and dividing the daughter and mother by treating the daughter as the ‘Whore’ as we see below.[ I had some other picture but they were too risque]



Lil Kim-11.jpg

Lil Kim




To further erode the original African image the representation below is now the icon of beauty and feminity.


No, this is not a boy this is Kaye Moss the icon of modern beauty





The Fashion of Envy


Let’s take a look back at the turn of the century in America and Europe and see if we can find a pattern that tries to emulate the African model.


The European woman in her finery.


Notice the corseted shape with padded bustle, bumroll and hoopskirt.  Did you know that the European bustle was molded and patterned on the ancient protruding buttocks of the African woman? The Bustle is a pad or framework worn under a woman’s skirt to make it puff out the behind (French buschel).  In specific, bustles refer to the exaggerated back side of skirts in the Victorian years, around 1870 through 1890.  Victorian bustles were often elaborately decorated and called all attention to the back of a gown; they were considered scandalous when they first appeared.

European woman in corset and padded bottom

Did you know that the Corset was used to bring the waist in and accentuate the breast and Buttocks? Thought it was just a Madonna thing didn’t you? No, the corset was another aide to enhance the figure of the European woman. She felt a need to enhance her figure because she found her Husband was attracted to all variations of the African Model of womanhood.

This was the sought after hourglass figure - which is a variation on the original African model of beauty and motherhood. How did this un-European fashion take hold?  Because the anthropological, cultural, religious and scientific discoveries in Africa and Egypt.  These new found revelation brought on the co-opting of the African body type in all its forms.

 Don’t believe me?  Let us go back even further in European history and see the image of their queen and the costume attempt to recreate the African Model of motherhood, desirability, royalty and sexuality. 

Queen Elizabeth – 1588AD

‘Venus in the mirror by Paul Rubens - 1614


Are you starting to get the picture? They desire to imitate the first woman as the ‘Mother of all Living and the beauty in the eye of the first beholder the African man. Just as Dr. Francis Cress-Welsing established the universal fantasy of all European woman is to have a man that is ‘TALL, DARK, and HANDSOME’.  See the picture the Blackman in the corner admiring the beauty of the blond.

Our sons need to be schooled in these images and the plans of the smaller society to rule the larger one by genetic annihilation, so they will not meet the same fate of OJ Simpson and more recently Kobe Bryant!  Our sons must appreciate the form of a Black woman and not use her as an icon of prostitution, freak-ism and whore-mania as we see in the current music videos. 



The three sisters

Egypt women small waist, large hips and protruding buttocks.


Varnette Honeywood - 'Dixie Peach' the whole African color spectrum


This is the body type we all understand - the daughter of the seed woman - the Mother of all Living. As a side note these are three variations on the universal African skin tone.


A husband and wife team in their fields




Countering the Counterfeit

Here are some of the ways that the European woman has used to try to enhance their bodies in order to imitate the African woman.

Corset, Bumroll, Padded Bustle and Hoopskirt

Corset or waist cincher


The Bumroll was worn under early Elizabethan, Tudor and other Renaissance Gowns for Merchants and any status above merchant level. The Bumroll was worn around the waist and causes skirts to flare and drape dramatically. Made from sturdy cotton muslin and stuffed to the hilt with fiberfill, this item is machine washable and ties at the waist with a strong ribbon.


This Bumroll was also used under a hoopskirt – both were to accentuate the buttock a feature lacking in the European. Bumroll – A stuffed, crescent shaped undergarment worn just below the waistline, which gave a lady’s skirts an outward roll from the waistline.

As the advertisement states the Bumroll accentuates the buttocks, a feature lacking in the European!


Padded Bustle
The padded bustle - to make the behind more attractive 


The African model and original standard of beauty.


England and Ireland picture of the goddess


Notice the apron in the front of the dress - this accentuated the vaginal area.  Along with the exposed breasts and the cinched in waist ( to accent the upper and lower body - which symbolizes motherhood and pleasure) the apron is like the (Hottentots) Bush woman of South Africa or African apron which is the fleshy part of the stomach.


  An instant derriere and hips enhancing panty
that gives you a shapely and toned look now
in a "smooth and firm" spandex nylon that
fits better and feels smoother.
Pads on rear and side conform to your body
so you look natural under anything you wear

More recently, a mold was taken of the buttocks of an African Woman to make padding for the girdle of American.  This was made popular with the craze of trash lingerie guru Fredrick’s of Hollywood.  I must add here that may men who pretend to be women, opt for this body type, it is the same type of envy, the envy of the original African woman.


When ENVY turns into HATRED!

Sarah Baartman

When the norm become the diseased, then the diseased are humiliated, demonized and annihilated.  This is the tragic story of Sarah Baartman and many other African woman that are put into the category as a Freak.

Sarah Baartman, at rest at last
Lucille Davie

12 August 2002

Sarah Baartman, displayed as a freak because of her unusual physical features, has finally been laid to rest, 187 years after she left Cape Town for London. Her remains were buried on Women’s Day, 9 August 2002, in the area of her birth, the Gamtoos River Valley in the Eastern Cape.

Baartman was born in 1789. She was working as a slave in Cape Town when she was “discovered” by British ship’s doctor William Dunlop, who persuaded her to travel with him to England. We’ll never know what she had in mind when she stepped on board – of her own free will - a ship for London.

But it’s clear what Dunlop had in mind – to display her as a “freak”, a “scientific curiosity”, and make money from these shows, some of which he promised to give to her.

Baartman had unusually large buttocks and genitals, and in the early 1800s Europeans were arrogantly obsessed with their own superiority, and with proving that others, particularly blacks, were inferior and oversexed.

Baartman’s physical characteristics, not unusual for Chosen women, although her features were larger than normal, were “evidence” of this prejudice, and she was treated like a freak exhibit in London.

The 'Hottentots Venus'

Note: The term Hottentot is derogatory and it is used as a European insult to the African woman of the southern African area!

She was called the “Hottentot Venus”, 'Hottentot' a name given to people with cattle. They had acquired these cattle by migrating northwards to Angola and returned to South Africa with them, some 2 000 years before the first European settlement at the Cape in 1652. Prior to this, they were indistinguishable from the Bushmen or San, the first inhabitants of South Africa, who had been in the region for around 100 000 years as hunter-gatherers.

Khoisan is used to denote their relationship to the San people. The label Hottentot took on derogatory connotations, and is no longer used.

Venus is the Roman goddess of love, a cruel reference to Baartman being an object of admiration and adoration instead of the object of leering and abuse that she became.


Why would anyone degrade a woman in such a manner?  When you come to understand this and then multiply this action by a Billion then you will start to understand the System of White Supremacy!

But wait -  there is more!


Steatopygia is a medical condition for large or fat bottoms.  This condition was interesting enough assigned to the African woman by the European.  Steatopygia: Extreme accumulation of fat on and about the buttocks, especially of women, as among the Hottentots, Bushmen, and certain other South African peoples.

STEATOPYGIA (Gr. crr~ap, fat, iru-yij rump), an unusual accumulation of fat in and around the buttocks. The deposit of fat is not confined to the gluteal regions, but extends to the outside and front of the thighs, forming a thick layer reaching sometimes to the knee.

This curious development constitutes a racial characteristic of the Bushmen (q.v.). It is specially a feature of the women, but it occurs in a less degree in the males. It is also common among the Hottentots, and has been noted among the pygmies of Central Africa.

In women it is regarded among them as a beauty: it begins in infancy and is fully developed on the first pregnancy. It is often accompanied by the peculiar formation known as “the Hottentot-apron,” hypertrophy of the nymphae (Tablier). No satisfactory explanation of these malformations (malformation?) has been offered. Steatopygia would seem to have been a characteristic of a race, which once extended from the Gulf of Aden (Eden) to the Cape of Good Hope, of which stock Bushmen and pygmies are remnants.

Note: it is obvious that the words malformation, freak, and other derogatory terms we see the racism of their analysis, These are the children and grandchildren who tortured Sarah Baartman.

 The discovery in the caves of the south of France of figures in ivory presenting a remarkable development of the thighs, and even the peculiar prolongation of the nymphae, has been used to support the theory that a Steatopygia race once existed in Europe. What seems certain is that steatopygia in both sexes was fairly widespread among the early races of man. While the Bushmen and Hottentots afford the most noticeable examples of its development, it is by no means rare in other parts of Africa, and occurs even more frequently among Bastaards of the male sex than among Hottentot women.

They have even devised a way to surgically remove this Disease?!    

Why is a classified a disease when we possess it but the it is not a psychological disease when people try to imitate it? 

Serial and Superficial Suction for Steatopygia (Hottentot Bustle)

Robert A. Ersek, M.D., F.A.C.S., Henry Newton Bell IV, and Aurelio Vazquez Salisbury, M.D. Austin, Texas, USA


Abstract. Steatopygia, from the Greek "steato" meaning "fat" and pygia meaning "buttocks," is defined as excessive fat of the buttocks, usually seen in women and sometimes called Hottentot Bustle because it was commonly seen in the Hottentot people of southern Africa. This affliction (ignorant talk) is characterized by protrusion and excessive fatness of just the buttocks region. 

Our patient was not particularly overweight (166 lb) and had a reasonably thin waist and legs. However, her buttocks were so protruding as to appear to have been from a completely different person. She wore only full skirts and could never wear jeans or pants of any kind. By using both superficial and deep serial suction techniques we were able to remove 12.5 L of subcutaneous fat over a two-year period without hospitalization or exogenous transfusion. The superficial technique improved skin retraction.







Now, the first African model is made to be a disease!?  

[See my essay on Changing Black to White.]

Below is the African Model and the European mistress vying for the same body shape. The European woman is in a bustle, bumroll and corset and the African woman is in the natural state. See the European woman bustle (fake buttocks) is larger and he is taller than the original woman who possesses the real ‘hook.’ This is an attempt to say she (European) is dominant woman.

This mistress and her mammy, the white counterfeit and the black Reality .

As a side note: The reason that Finishing Schools were instituted in America, the Caribbean and parts of England was to educate the white woman that had been raised by the Mammy - The White man had found that their daughters had bonded so much with the Mammy and not their birth mother that they emulated every aspect of the Mammy personality - even choosing to speak in the broken English used by the Mammy.

For very, very good information on the niggerfication of popular culture here is a GOOD site.

The caricature of the Mammy was invented again to gloss over the relationship (rape-power-slavery) by white men on the ideal Wife/Mother.

‘The Mammy was created by white Southerners to redeem the relationship between black women and white men within slave society in response to the antislavery attack from the North during the ante-bellum era, and to embellish it with nostalgia in the post-bellum period. In the primary records from before the Civil War, hard evidence for her existence simply does not appear.’

A few years ago the African-American writer, Alice Randall penned a fictional story about the slave in rebuttal to ‘Gone with the Wind’ called ‘The Wind Done Gone.’  In this fictional tale she made the slave a svelte mulatto instead of the stereotypical Mammy – Big hipped, big mouth with a red-rag on her head.  I think the book would have been more effective if I she’d made the slave woman more like the Mammy that would have been closer to the original reality.

These are some the images of the modern African Model


           Countess Vaughn    Mo'Nique               Ella Fitzgerald               Sarah Vaughn

This is the image of the African Model is now being used as the standard of sexuality in the European world...she is now blond and buxom.

Anna Nicole Smith as the goddess

The Goddess/African model


What we need to realize is that THEY want to be US!


What next?

When we come into the knowledge of THAT historic truth then we will be ahead of the game!  And it is a game  - the winner will  spreads their seed, morals and culture throughout the world!




The Eternal Image

When we talk about gods and goddesses we must understand one thing - these were real people who were deified and throughout generations took on mythic proportions. The people themselves or the children they carried did not look at them as gods.  that came with the MIS-understanding of African culture, by the European.  Their body types, exploits, family structure, sexual habits, educational system, beliefs about the Creator, religious systems and culture were all deified.  These stories told and retold, the images drawn and modeled all to imitated and assimilate the desirable original African icon.

This image of the African woman invoked these comments from modern European scholars.

1.      The emphasis in these figures is “undeniably sexual” (Grahame Clark).

2.      “Never did sexuality play such a small part in the representation of the female figure.” (René Nougier).

3.      The Venus figure is “a magical invocation of fertility” (Walter Torbrügge).

4.      The figurines must be viewed in the symbolic context of cave art, which is fundamentally religious (school of André Leroi-Gourhan).

5.       “It is safe to reject any belief that they have religious significance.” (Charles Seltman)

This was the original image of sexuality that now, in its modern MODIFIED form is being brought to you by Brittany Spears, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira- while Miss Elliot is trying her best to look like the European image. 

The Seat of the Kings and Queens

What kind of SEAT do you think fit this seat? 

The seat of his Nana!

and his Mama!

You can easily understand why the buttocks stick out like that if you take a look at the next picture.

In the ancient days, gathering food was a crucial task for women and men. If she had a number of children, she would have to carry her baby somehow.  The shape of her back- buttocks area helped her carry her child while gathering food.


The African Model


The Queen of Punt


Drawn on the Temple walls of Egypt and a contemporary of Hapshetsut, the Pharaoh of Egypt.

To obtain myrrh and incense and other precious goods, and trees to plant in the temple, Queen Hatshepsut sent an expedition to Punt. For a century scholars have tried to pin down the exact location of Punt, which the ancient Egyptians steadfastly refer to only as a “Holy Land”. Many authorities believe Punt is Ethiopia or Somaliland.  Semitic and African races are shown together or in adjacent scenes that cannot correspond to any real geographical site.

Probably, Punt might have included the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsula. However, if you take a close look at those people depicted in the walls (including the queen), this holy land should unmistakably include part of Africa.

So now are you beginning to realize that in the System of White Supremacy ‘They must become You!”  How is this accomplished? First they must devalue the original model (The Mother/Wife) and then all the images related to that must fall.

This has nothing to do with obesity or fitness – it has everything to do with beauty, desirability and conquest and the perpetuation of the 'System of White Supremacy' and the devaluation and degradation of the African Woman!



The envy of the neighborhood


Posted on Mon, Apr. 01, 2002


Hollywood gets more beautiful in the spring


In the weeks leading up to Oscar night, this super-rich city that is home to some of the world's most photogenic people became even more beauty conscious than usual.


Michael's manner is cool and he is clad in nondescript jeans and a black shirt. A cell phone dangles from his belt. The edges of carefully spiked hair look as if they are dipped in gold.

"I plan to get my lips inflated," he said, referring to an injection of collagen that was planned for his upper lip. "Women like me with puffy lips. "Plus I get a bonus in my paycheck for doing this so I'm not complaining."

  Demi Moore

She was on the cover of People (or is it tabloid?) magazine a month or so ago, about her turning to 40 and still looks fabulous. Now I know how she got that. London's Daily Mail said she spent around $380,000 on cosmetic surgery, breast operation (replace her implants to smaller ones), liposuction on stomach, buttocks and thighs, collagen for her lips, porcelain veneers for her teeth. Wow, what money can do. I don't feel bad now that I don't look as good as those celebrities. Imagine how she and others looked without all this surgeries. I'm not bashing her, I think she is beautiful and a good mother. I admired her moving to Sandpoint, Idaho to get normal life for her daughters. I was there last summer, a nice small town to raise children, but I cannot imagine living there in the winter, coming from tropical place I just can't stand cold.


The lips have always represented the intimate part of a woman – the fuller the lips the more sexually attractive the female.  The cosmetic industry has made a fortune out of the accentuating of the eye, nails, hair and especially the lips.

Full lips are in for the European!  Lucille Ball of ‘ I Love Lucy’ fame drew her lips larger than they were to be sexy, now European woman are taking that next step – injections!

Angelina Jolie

Oh pleaseeeee!

Mammy with the big lips

Full lips have always been looked at as degrading on a black woman, an object of ridicule and scorn.  The idea was to de-feminize and asexualize and ridicule the African Model, and when we became self-conscious enough and self-hating enough we would change our way of looking and adopt the look of the oppressor.

Big lips and protruding behind

The collagen and silicone lip look

Caption reads: 

Do you want full, plump, and sensual lips without costly, painful, and risky surgery or collagen injections?
Do you want to look younger, sexier, and more desirable?

Lips and the Nymphae

The lips portray the hidden part of a woman – her labia – the bigger the lips the bigger the hidden part, the redder the lips the more sensitive the hidden part.  It is all about the image of reproduction, procreation and domination.  In reading about Sarah Baartman the African woman that was held in France as an African oddity - her Nymphae or labium [lips or lip-like part of the vulva or external part of the female genitalia].




Be fruitful and multiply! 

We are in a  race to see whose genetic seed survives – Mama’s baby Papa’s maybe.  It’s all because of White genetic survival and black genetic annihilation.  Don’t believe me?  Check this site out! Everyone wants to reject the original African model to align themselves with the European model.   


The original model has been degraded in the minds of the children of the original people, by those who seek to take that original culture model for themselves.  Let's not degrade ourselves any longer! When the original body type is accepted as it was in the beginning.  When the African woman in all her shades and body types is once again the symbol of universal beauty, then we will survive.  It starts with the ‘Mother of all Living’ who the Bible calls Eve or more specifically Chavvah (Hawan in Ethiopian Amharic).

Please...Please remember that and tell that to your Sons and Daughters! Teach them to Love, Protect and Respect the symbol of the true original African women and to respect themselves! We need to understand that all of this effort to make us hate ourselves and love the counterfeit  - is an effort to erase the original people off of the face of the earth.


'Know Thyself'

  Nefertiti holding the sign of life.

Let us celebrate who we are in all of our beauty and splendor – We will never be whole unless we understand that our beauty is derived from the Almighty Yah!

‘I am Black and Comely’

Song of Songs.


‘Cause we’re not just another girl on the Video!


Blessings to all my Sista’s who literally SIT on the Throne of House of Africa!


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Blessings and Peace,