Translation, Transliteration and Versions

"Lions and Tigers and Bears…

Oh My!"



 "As the Bible became popular and the Hebrews began to migrate and settle in different areas of the world, the scriptures were translated for the Greeks and Hellenistic Hebrews. It was in Europe that these Hellenistic documents first became the scared books of religion, the ones devoid of their original roots.  As a result, most of the controversies, confusion, and misery caused from this Bible in Europe. It is evident from this that the Europeans have never understood the Bible because they have never known it place of origin, who wrote these documents, or the purpose it was intended.” excerpted from: 'The African who wrote the Bible'  

Professor Nana. B. Darkwah.


Do we really read the introduction in the first pages of our Bible? 


To the Most High and Mighie Prince James by the Grace of God, King of Great Britane, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith &c. The Translators of the bible, with Grace, Mercie, and Peace through Iesvs Christ our Lord.


"GREAT and manifold were the blessings, most dread Sovereign, which Almighty God, the Father of all mercies, bestowed upon us the people of England, when first he sent Your Majesty's Royal Person to rule and reign over us. For whereas it was the expectation of many, who wished not well unto our Sion, that upon the setting of that bright Occidental Star, Queen Elizabeth of most happy memory, some thick and palpable clouds of darkness would so have overshadowed this Land, that men should have been in doubt which way they were to walk; and that it should hardly be known, who was to direct the unsettled State; the appearance of your Majesty, as the Sun in his strength, instantly dispelled those supposed and surmised mists, and gave unto all that were well affected exceeding cause of comfort; especially when we beheld the Government established in Your Highness, and Your hopeful Seed, by an undoubted Title, and this also accompanied with peace and tranquility at home and abroad..."

The coded message within the acknowledgement and capitalized to represent deity.


'Zion: originally a stronghold captured by David (the 2nd king of the Israelites); above it was built a temple and later the name extended to the whole hill; finally it became a synonym for the city of Jerusalem; "the inhabitants of Jerusalem are personified as "the daughter of Zion'"
Israel: Jewish republic in southwestern Asia at eastern end of Mediterranean; formerly part of Palestine
Utopia: an imaginary place considered to be perfect or ideal.'

Bright Occidental Star:

        'The Occidental Star is the sun as it is the bright star which sets in the West. '

Sun is his Strength:

        'Another illusion to the power of the Sun and 'his son' and its worship.  See Zi-On or Anu essays for further clarification.'

What we see we do not understand, what we read we misread and what ignore causes us to stumble. we are in darkness our eyes covered with the veil.  When we take time  and study and get to the root of words like: Translation, Version or Revision we may see another word Transliteration. All of hem hold the key to our understanding if we would just look and comprehend their importance.

The basic religious believer glosses over  the introduction and explanation, agenda, tenor and SENTIMENTS of the revisionists and translators of the Bible to get to the 'meat' which in their minds start with Genesis. We were told that understanding the Bible starts with the written scriptures and that is true, but it is also of paramount importance to understand how we got the Bible we read and who wrote, rewrote, translated, transliterated, and revised it.  Unfortunately, in this 21st century  we were told by most preachers, prophets and ministers to 'Start with the New Testament' because, that's where are promises are this is an ignorant direction. No one in their right mind starts at the middle of any book.  Again, when that observations voiced all opposition are squelched by saying " The New Testament is a new set of rules and regulations used as a last Will and Testament of Jesus- codified with blood." 

Promise:  The assurance that one will do and refrain from doing a certain specified[ agreed upon] thing, a promise to return soon - a firm prospect-potential greatness or distinction - a hope.

I would tell any person seeking the truth to start at the front of the book - read who wrote it and why, then find out the truth of the Translation, Version, Revision or Transliteration. Before you get to 'In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth' please read and understand the first pages of the book to rightly divide the word of truth to be sure of the information we stake our eternity on.

Honestly, you should no take things on face value. If the Bible is the word of God it should and can stand up to scrutiny! We need to face the fact that most of  us were  trained to be lazy. We have been trained to rush through a thing to get to the synopsis or essence of the truth.  But, like most applied education we must be armed with the tools in order to understand what we read!

In this society we have been taught when it comes to the word of God we must put our minds on hold and our emotions on high  and that's all we need to 'encounter the Lord.' When we read or listen to the word preached we NEVER go home and look into the word for ourselves to see if what we just digested was a good and accurate meal - food that will nourish our souls and spirits.  We just gorge ourselves a t the trough of charisma.  

We will not crack open a simple dictionary when we study the Bible - if we do study - and look  theses 'words of life' up to see what they meant when they were spoken and what they mean to us today.

If we do take the time to research, or  do word searches, look up the manner and customs of the day, or a check out words in the Concordance, then we have been taught to apply it to a European or western construct.

When I was attending a church  - The pastor had invited everyone to see a beautiful reenactment of a crowning or coronation of King Solomon.  That coronation was like that of the British Empire - with all the pomp and circumstance and trappings of European aristocracy.  The problem was that it gave the impression that the Ancient Hebrew. Babylonians and Egyptians were all British.  We have to take care because everything is political and there is not one IDLE word or action that we will not be accountable for. By-the-way, did I mention it was an ALL African Church in the heart of the so-called Ghetto?  Well, it was!

If the pastor had done a bit of research and studied to give an accurate portrayal of the truth, it would have added in our over-all understanding.  But, the church didn't want to OFFEND anyone and most of the people were unaware of the fact that - Israel was considered a part of the African/Hamitic/Semitic  mindset. (See essay on changing black to white).

We must ask ourselves in all honesty  what the translator or writer saw and understood when they read and translated the  copies of copies of copies, of the original manuscripts. We naturally assume the translators were people who had pure motives, we were told that, and all of them  were under the direction of God Almighty. 

Finally we have been trained not to look deep into the scriptures or around about them.

I believe that the ORIGINAL AUTOGRAPHS that the original writers who understood the original concept and truth of what we now call the  BIBLE were inspired by the SPIRIT of the ALMIGHTY.


 We have had the 18 minutes of missing tape brought to us by former president - Richard Nixon and the Watergate mess, we have  28  blacked-out pages brought to us by now president -George Bush,  we have ancient libraries that have been destroyed by Alexander the 'great' ,and missing manuscripts from now only the time of Yahshua.

We are compelled to investigate  3 little words that have shaped our past and possibly our eternity.   Translation, Version and Transliteration.

'Knock and the door will be opened to you , seek and you will find...'

We must remember - we are  intelligent humans made in the 'image and likeness' of Yah (God) and our brains should not be disengaged when reading the Bible or listening to someone preach or teach us!  PLEASE don't be ignorant!

All of our study and investigation should however be fueled by the Spirit of God. When we study as the Bible has stated,  we must 'show our selves approved of God, as a WORKMAN, needing not to be ashamed, RIGHTLY DIVIDING the word of TRUTH. 

But if you can RIGHTLY DIVIDE then the opposite is also true...we can WRONGLY DIVIDE the word of TRUTH.

When we are reading the King James Version, American Standard, New World Translation, New English Version, Jewish New Testament, Latin Vulgate or any other Bible can we be sure that it is accurately based on the original African Text? 

If not then are we suppose to let it rest there and not ask some pertinent questions?  We need to get away from the notion that PRINT  is the truth - check me out too and don't disengage your brain!

When the Hellenistic Hebrews translated the Bible (Septuagint) it was customary to add letters to the ends of the name of the people and places in the Bible to or change the names to make it sound more Greek, and to obscure the relationship between the Shemetic tribe and Khemetic tribes. Political struggles abounded - and the adversary was trying to divide, conquer and co-opt.

What is the Septuagint?

Abbreviated LXX for 70, the earliest extant Greek translation of the Old Testament from the 'original Hebrew, presumably made for the use of the Jewish (Hebrews) community in Egypt when Greek was the lingua-franca (language used) throughout the region.

The name Septuagint from the Latin word Septuaginta or 70  -was derived later from the LEGEND that there were 72 translators, 6 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel, who worked in separate cells, translating the whole, and in the end all  their versions were identical.

In fact there were a large difference in style and usage between the Torah and their later works.  The tradition that the translators were sent to Alexandria by Eleazar, the high priest at Jerusalem, at the request of the Ptolemy II Philadelphus (@85-246BA), a patron of literature, first appeared in the 'Letter of Aristeas' and unreliable source.

The language of much of the early   -  100AD and onward  -was Christians Church became Greek ; it was in the Septuagint text that the Christians located the prophecies fulfilled by Christ.  The Jews considered this a misuse of the scriptures and abandoned the Septuagint.

In the 3rd century Origen attempted to correct the errors of the COPYIST that had crept into the  text of the Septuagint, which varied widely from copy to copy.  Other scholars also consulted with the Hebrew Text in order to make the Septuagint more accurate.  But it was the Septuagint and NOT the original  HEBREW text, that is the main basis of the Old Latin, Coptic, Ethiopic, Aramean, Georgian, Salvonic, and parts of the Arabic translations of the Old Testament.  It never ceased to be the standard version of the old Testament in the Greek Church, and from it St. Jerome (Catholic monk) began his translation of the Vulgate old Testament..

'The Greeks had a disdainful attitude to all foreign names, and arbitrarily changed them. In theophoric names they introduced further corruption plus the ornament of a Greek ending. It became fashionable among many modern scholars to use the Greek renderings of names in their translations.'  Moustafa Gadalla

This practice is also true to most concordances and commentaries.  So, as I said the original manuscripts ( scrolls) written by the original people (Hamitic/Semitic)  was the most accurate. The Greeks and Romans later used their understanding of who God (Yah) was and how he operated based in their myths and stories of Theos (Zeus) and in so doing, devaluing the Hebrew (African) model they copied from, and the Afro-Egyptian model that the Hebrews employed. The Greeks and Romans then re-engineered the cultural, historical, linguistic, social and political outline into one of that exalted their own culture.

King James Authorized Version

 English translation of the Bible published in 1611 under the auspices of James I of England. Of 54 scholars approved by James I, 47 labored in six groups at three locations for 7 years, utilizing previous English translations and Texts in the original (Greek?) language.  The resulting translation had marked influence on English style and was generally accepted as the standard English Bible for more than three centuries.

~Three Little Words~

Version – a passage or work from one language to another. An account or description of something from a particular point of view, one stage in the developing forms.  It was also standard practice to use the names or attributes of local gods to make the characters of the Bible seem more familiar to an unfamiliar audience.

Translate –to put into another language retaining the sense, to put into different words of the same language in order to make clearer. To covert into another form in a spiritual sense.

Transliterate – to replace letters of one alphabet by letters of another alphabet, with the same phonetic sound. To write a word or words in the letters of another alphabet. (See essay on the Culture of Yahweh)

Homiletics is a transliteration of a Greek word, from a root meaning "to assemble together." Formal homiletics applies principles of rhetoric to preaching. [1]  The putting together based on what?

At first St. Jerome (catholic) used the Greek Septuagint for his Old Testament translation, including parts of the Apocrypha; later he consulted the original Hebrew texts. He produced three versions of the Psalms, called the Roman, the Gallican, and the Hebrew. The Gallican Psalter, based on a Greek transliteration of a Hebrew text, is now read in the Vulgate.  At the request of Pope Damascus I in 382, Jerome had previously undertaken a revision of the New Testament. He corrected the Gospels thoroughly; it is disputed whether the slight revisions made in the remainder of the New Testament are his work.[2]


A Catholic monk, St. Jerome corrected the gospels? From what viewpoint, slant, bias or political agenda? From the Catholic position of course - Catholicism is a product of the Romans Empire and vice versa.

What is Catholicism and where does it come from?  Why did it change from Jerusalem where the whole thing started for the Christian - to Rome and the Vatican as the seat of Biblical power and authority?  That I will leave to you to study on your own.

When the word of Yah was co-opted and translated, there was another culture that decided what the Scriptures would mean to you and me.  They did not go back to the people who wrote it, they just decided, based on their culture what the pronunciation, meaning and spiritual content would be.

If Yah took thousands of years to develop a way of worship within his own culture why would he abandon that way of life and return to a culture not of his design? And one that DID NOT exalt HIM?

What was His original Culture and pattern of Worship?


  Lions and Tigers and Bears....Translations, Transliterations and Revisions..OH MY!


The Enemy is at the Gate!


In every culture when you run into words/names/phrases that may not exist in your own language, you may eventually incorporate those new words/names/phrases into your language being careful to give them the same meaning or equivalent meaning.  If you can't, then you must use the word as is.  But, for some words/names/phrases there is no equivalent.

"As in all Semitic [African] styles of writing, hieroglyphic writing was limited to the consonants of the words, because the meanings of the word was generally contained in the consonants, while the vowels were added only to indicate the grammatical forms.  As such, a vowel sound was not included in the written language. Since we do not know the exact sounds of the [Egyptian] words, and to simplify matter, scholars agreed to a certain way of pronunciation.  Therefore, the vowels you see in the translated Egyptian texts are an approximation, and by no means so the represent the true sound."  Moustafa Gadalla

1. Sombrero - Now we could have thrown some English words together and called it a   ‘Big Sun Hat’ but we didn’t. We incorporated the word, the image (icon) and meaning into the English language.

2. Hors d'oeuvres – We could have used, tiny appetizers, or weird  stuff on crackers, but we didn’t we incorporated the French word and the meaning into the English language.

3. Cul'd'Sac - Every suburbanite and Soccer Mom should recognize this French word, we could have said - turn about or dead-end street, but they didn't.

4. Matza – We could have said, unleavened flat bread or some other word for bread without yeast, the real word was incorporated into our language along with the meaning and the icon.

5. Thoth -The Greek rendition of Tehuti, the Neter of Egypt  which represents the tongue or wisdom - the logos (Grk) the word.


How do others peoples bring a name over into their language?

When speaking about the current American President George Bush - the foreign news agencies i.e. the Chinese, use his name English name.

  1. They didn’t give him the Chinese equivalent for his name George Bush because they don’t have one.

  2. They don’t sound out his name phonetically in Chinese, and apply the corresponding Chinese letters.

They just say George Bush and keep on talking about him in their native tongue. This is true in French in Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, Amharic in every tongue.  That’s how it is done…usually.


I lived in a City that is predominately Spanish; we ate Tacos and Burritos and put salsa on everything.  We incorporated the new items of food and their names into our language, when we shop at the market we understand the Spanish word for orange and beans all of that.   We don’t call a taco - a meat-pie or a burrito- a Mexican submarine or salsa - Spanish tomato sauce.  We called it what the Spanish people call it. This is the way a language expands itself by incorporating what other bring to the table, and not conforming it to your vocabulary. this is true when you are in an equality mode and not a conquering mode.  Language use of it  is a tool of war and conquest jus like a gun, tank or bow and arrow.

 ‘Hasta la vista’,  ‘Bon vivant’, Sayonara, Tsunami or Smorgasbord are all examples of words, and phrases that have been incorporated into the English language, and their meanings have been translated correctly.  We have come to understand what is meant when we say Taco, but  if you really want eat a real Taco you have to go back to Mexico.  The taco’s we are accustomed to have been adjusted to suit our tastes, we eat a VERSION of the original taco.   But the word, taco has been incorporated into our lexicon and that terminology has expanded our vocabulary.

Recently, I spoke to a Spanish girl whose name was Shanika, and she told me her sister’s name was Nefertiti. Although these were originally African names this is what happens when cultures interface with one another. Now that everyone is getting braids and trying to act 'black' or a insulting version of that they think black it, if  correct and authentic history is not incorporated into the picture to give an understanding  to the words/phrases/names and actions then the generations that follow will think all Nefertiti's are Spanish and not African.  Education is the key  -nothing is isolated.


Nefertiti reconstructed - 2003

I had to use this picture - just because!!

The same was true with the name of Jesus - because the revisionists and translators wanted to distance themselves from the source of his name or wanted to make him seem more related their culture.  Since the language of the translators did not have or use a Y or yod [y] they used their language  equivalent for his name which is a Greek  I or Iota I.  This resulted in a problem in the correct spelling and pronunciation and meaning of his name.  Soon the meaning of Yahshua - Yahweh is salvation  - meant nothing at all.  When the Greeks passed it on to the Romans and then later it fell into German and English hands the name Yeshua or Yahshua became Iesvs or Iesus and then Jesus and did not relate it back its original meaning. This was also done with the Tetragrammaton by making it Jehovah using the J  and adding the vowels of Adonai as the filler. 

Where is the name Yahweh in the name Jesus? How does it relate to the sons name? Sus in Hebrew means horse.  The Hebrew language ahs what is called a surest which is 3 letter that makes up the root of the word.  To change it you affix a prefix or suffix to the stem or root  like Sus is a horse and Sus-ah  meaning is her horse - Ah is the feminine form. 

"It is commonly known that the Bible, in its hundreds of different translations, is the most widely distributed book in human history. Moreover, in all its forms, the Bible has been enormously influential, and not only among the religious communities that hold it sacred. The literature, art, and music of Western culture in particular are deeply indebted to biblical themes, motifs, and images.

Translations of the Bible, such as the Authorized Version (or King James Version, 1611) and Martin Luther’s translation of the Bible into German (first completed in 1534) not only influenced literature but also shaped the development of languages. Such effects continue to be felt in emerging nations, where translations of the Bible into the vernacular help to shape language traditions.[3]"


The Encarta makes it seem as though the old culture influenced the new, and that is true to a point, but with the emergence of the Greek, Roman and German translators, the emphasis on the original culture and ethnicity of the Biblical Hebrews (Africans) have been purposely erased and the new culture has co-opted the old.

Nowadays, every modern preacher has a version or a translation of the Bible; I call it the Bible-my-Way syndrome.  Benny Hinn, Fred Price, Billy Graham, TD Jakes - they all have a Bible version. But, what are they writing about?  What is their slant on the truth? One thousand years from now, if the Lord tarries…someone will run across a TD Jakes; ‘Woman though art Loosed’ Bible and build a cult following behind it.  They will build a whole archeological pursuit behind the tradition of Jakes' translation, like they did the Dead Sea Scrolls. 1000 years from now things will be different and there will be nobody around to say:


‘Hey, that’s a bunch of schlock!’ or  'That is one man's opinion'. 


Even error - if it is old enough, becomes the rare truth in the minds of unthinking mortal men. Look at the Shroud of Turin, The Holy Grail, The Spear of Christ and the Cup of Destiny ignorance made to look intelligent and al used to point Biblical events away from Africa its nativity and redirect it to Europe the counterfeit. 


Look at old prostitutes. If they live long enough and they will become righteous and respectable in the eyes of mankind. They become wise sages in an age of mass prostitution.  Time will make everything and everybody collectable and valuable.

 A lie told 1000 times becomes the truth.

Wake up Babes!

The Original Autographs (scrolls) of the Old Testament and the original autographs of the New Testament were both written in the Hebrew/Aramaic tongue in not Greek or Latin.  Nobody with any gumption in the world of academia will admit it, even when they know it is true!  Why?  Because they have an agenda!  To decentralize and de-emphasis the information we have and put in the hands of those who want to be the originators and receivers of the scriptures.   They want us to start in the middle of history and not at the front.

The Greeks, Romans, Germans, English all want to be who they are not - The keepers of Life.  The whole of the Hebrew language centers on the worship of Yahweh and they don’t want us to worship Him.  They want to be worshipped. Those who translated the scriptures wanted this god to resemble them in every way, and not the original peoples that ruled the earth and walked with Yah. 

But, they didn’t stop there; they wanted him to be in their image and likeness, and not just their image and likeness physically, but their sensibilities, behaviors, names and culture.  [See essay on the Culture of Yahweh).

There is a difference between the original Hebrew TaNaKh and how it was developed, and the revised Christian Old Testament, the Gospels and New Testament and how they were developed.  They were both modified to suit a foreign culture, but at a critical point each went their separate ways and made more confusion, but both are steeped in bigotry and hatred.

When you see the names of people in the Bible...think African.  There were no Europeans on the Continent during that time. When you see Shemites…think African. When you see the name Khem…think African.  In the same manner, when you see Hebrew… think African.  They divide the ancient peoples by giving them names that are foreign in origin and obscuring the facts that Shem and Khem that stayed together and intermarried and divided them by color.

Societal Views used in Revisions and Translations:

In the Christian camp: When Greece, Roman and eventually Germany entered the scene.  The original languages used in these scrolls, were changed to fit European penchants along with a hatred of anything Hebrew/African. 

Martin Luther, a catholic monk, unlike popular belief; never left his love of the ‘Mother Church’- Catholicism behind. Martin Luther, the leader of the Protestant reformation, on many occasions, said the Hebrew was the lowest of the low, and should be killed.

"I had made up my mind to write no more either about the Jews or against them. But since I learned that those miserable and accursed people do not cease to lure to themselves even us, that is, the Christians, I have published this little book, so that I might be found among those who opposed such poisonous activities of the Jews and who warned the Christians to be on their guard against them. I would not have believed that a Christian could be duped by the Jews into taking their exile and wretchedness upon himself. However, the devil is the god of the world, and wherever God's word is absent he has an easy task, not only with the weak but also with the strong. May God help us. Amen.

“I also boast that Japheth, Noah's firstborn son, is my true, natural ancestor and his wife (whoever she may have been) is my true, natural ancestress; for as Moses informs us in Genesis 10, he is the progenitor of all of us Gentiles. Thus Shem, the second son of Noah, and all of his descendants have no grounds to boast over against his older brother Japheth because of their birth. Indeed, if birth is to play a role, then Japheth as the oldest son and the true heir has reason for boasting over against Shem, his younger brother, and Shem's descendants, whether these be called Jews or Ishmaelites or Edomites. But what does physical primogeniture help the good Japheth, our ancestor? Nothing at all. Shem enjoys precedence—not by reason of birth, which would accord precedence to Japheth, but because God's word and calling are the arbiter here."

Marin Luther's views about the Jews:

"Such a desperate, thoroughly evil, poisonous and devilish lot are these Jews, who for these fourteen hundred years have been and still are our plague, our pestilence, and our misfortune."

They are real liars and bloodhounds who have not only continually perverted and falsified all of Scripture with their mendacious glosses from the beginning until the present day. Their heart's most ardent sighing and yearning and hoping is set on the day on which they can deal with us Gentiles as they did with the Gentiles in Persia at the time of Esther.

Oh, how fond they are of the book of Esther, which is so beautifully attuned to their bloodthirsty, vengeful, murderous yearning and hope. The sun has never shone on a more bloodthirsty and vengeful people than they are who imagine that they are God's people who have been commissioned and commanded to murder and to slay the Gentiles. In fact, the most important thing that they expect of their Messiah is that he will murder and kill the entire world with their sword. They treated us Christians in this manner at the very beginning through out all the world. They would still like to do this if they had the power, and often enough have made the attempt, for which they have got their snouts boxed lustily."

Hateful little cuss, ain’t he?  Well, Martin Luther hated Jews and all they stood for. He hated them and paved the way years later, for the national hatred of the Hew and specifically the  Ashkenazi Jew in Germany.  Hebrew  was synonymous with African they all knew it, but with the Khazar's conversion to the Hebrew faith in 1100AD in their hopes to disenfranchise the ancient African people , they took on the hatred of all Europe. 

But, what of the other side? We look at the aspects of the medieval Talmud and the Rabbinic viewpoints that persist in European Ashkenazi Judaism, the people who are said to be Japhetic.

"Revised-Babylonian Talmud", published by the Boston Talmud Society, p. XII

There was hatred on both sides and the sad part about it the European Ashkenazi and so-call Aryan are of the same blood!

Remember the Falasha/Ethiopian Hebrews do not adhere to the Talmud.  The Falasha are the only original Hebrews that can by RECORD  trace their lineage back to Solomon and David.  Although the Ashanti, Igbo, Hutu and Lemba in addition to several other nations are of Hebraic extraction. Unfortunately the Falasha living in Israel are treated like dogs.  They are poor and not allowed to mix with the society.  they were labeled from the tribe of Dan and not Judah and hey were 'asked' to become re-circumcised and they are not allowed to give blood in Israel. So much for a homecoming.

But the Aryan and Ashkenazi have European racist theologies, we see that revised Hebrew Torah and the Christian Bible were revised and translated by those who did not acknowledge nor respect one another and certainly do not respect the original sons of God...the African!  They both despising the Original Hebrews who were Africans in their quest to irradiate and replace them!

For the rabbis, the oral Torah was encapsulated in the Mishnah (“that which is learned or memorized”), the earliest document of rabbinic literature, edited in Palestine at the turn of the 3rd century. Subsequent rabbinic study of the Mishnah in Palestine and Babylonia generated two Talmud's (“that which is studied”; also called Gemera, an Aramaic term with the same meaning; see Talmud), wide-ranging commentaries on the Mishnah. The Babylonian Talmud, edited about the 6th century, became the foundation document of rabbinic Judaism.[4]

Racism in Jewish Rabbinical Writings From the Talmud:

"Our rabbis taught: Three copulated in the ark, and they were all punished - the dog, the raven, and Ham (Noah’s son). The dog was doomed to be tied, the raven expectorates, and Ham was smitten in his skin." A footnote to this passage explains: "I.e., from him was descended Cush (the negro) who is black-skinned" (Source: T. Sanhedrin [Soncino], p. 745, 108b).

From The Legends of the Jews:

"The descendants of Ham through Canaan therefore have red eyes, because Ham looked upon the nakedness of his father; they have misshapen lips, because Ham spoke with his lips to his brothers about the unseemly condition of his father; they have twisted curly hair, because Ham turned and twisted his head round to see the nakedness of his father; and they go about naked, because Ham did not cover the nakedness of his father. Thus he was requited, for it is the way of G-d to mete out punishment measure for measure" (Ginsburg, The Legends of the Jews, Vol. 1, p. 169). 

This is the kind of crazy commentary and the milieu that was/is present when translating the versions we read today! 

I recently heard a very popular European Christian Minister and Seminarian, from America refer to the Talmud in doing his research about the sons of Noah.  He went on to say that Noah killed Nimrod and that Noah was Melchezedeck.  What else did he glean form his research? 

'We are what we eat!

...and we believe what we are told!'


This is what happened when the Ashkenazi/Khazaria got hold to the African heritage and turned it into something it is not. Although many died in holocaust perpetuated by Germany, they died swearing to an amalgamated African religion.  Most did not know the truth, most hated the African too!  Most had usurped the position of the original Hebrews.  Yah will have mercy on us all.

Lets read on:

Let's look in the Zohar, at the Jewish interpretation of this verse from Genesis: "Now the serpent is more subtle than any beast of the field, etc." The interpretation was: More subtle that is toward evil: "than all the beasts," that is, the idolatrous people of the earth. For they are the children of the ancient serpent which seduced Eve."

Early rabbinic writings also include exegetical and homiletically commentaries on Scripture (the Midrashim; see Midrash) and several Aramaic translations of the Pentateuch and other scriptural books (the see Targums). Medieval rabbinic writings include codifications of talmudic law, the most authoritative of which is the 16th-century Shulhan Arukh (Set Table) by Joseph ben Ephraim Caro. In Judaism, the study of Torah refers to the study of all this literature, not simply of the Pentateuch (“the Torah,” in the narrow sense).[5]

When you see anything that says Medieval, think European dark ages, until the 19th century all for it is European Japhetic/Khazaria.  They know it too.

Two compilations of the Talmud exist: the Palestinian Talmud, sometimes called the Jerusalem Talmud, and the Babylonian Talmud. Both compilations contain the same Mishnah, but each has its own Gemara. The contents of the Palestinian Talmud were written by Palestinian scholars between the 3rd century AD and the beginning of the 5th century; those of the Babylonian Talmud, by scholars who wrote between the 3rd century and the beginning of the 6th century. The Babylonian Talmud became authoritative because the rabbinic academies of Babylonia survived those in Palestine by many centuries.[6]

But, who were the original scribes of the Talmud? Were they of the same line of Hebrews that had lived in the Torah? 3rd and 6th century was Greek Jews (gentiles). This is where we get the notion that Black skin is a curse.  To control you must first demonize, and that is what was done in the translations and revisions of the scriptures.

The Talmud itself, the works of Talmudic scholarship, and the commentaries concerning it constitute the greatest contributions to rabbinical literature in the history of Judaism. One of the most important of the works of scholarship is the Mishneh Torah (Repetition of the Torah, c. 1180) by the Spanish rabbi, philosopher, and physician Maimonides; it is an abstract of all the rabbinical legal literature in existence at his time. The most widely known commentaries are those on the Babylonian Talmud by the French rabbi Rashi and by certain scholars known as tosaphists, who lived in France and Germany between the 12th and 14th centuries and included some of Rashi's grandsons.[7]

Europeans pretending.

The Babylonian Talmud and the Palestinian Talmud were first printed in 1520-22  and in 1523 in Venice by the printer Daniel Bomberg. The entire Babylonian Talmud is available in an English translation (1935-52) edited by the British rabbi and scholar Isidore Epstein. Most of the Palestinian Talmud is available in a 19th-century French translation, but the rendering is defective and inaccurate. Twenty tractates of the Palestinian Talmud are found in a Latin translation, in the Thesaurus Antiquitatum Sacrarum (1744-69) of Blasio Ugolino, an 18th-century Italian historian and antiquarian.[8]

Where are the Africans? Where are the original Hebrews? No one asked them anything.   The Falasha ‘Beta Israel” refuses to use the Talmud, and so did the Samaritan and Yemenite Hebrews. The Talmud is of European extraction lie.

Question how does a cell continue to be a cell if the essence of it has been sucked out? You must replace it with something else. that is what happened the original truth. the cell  religion and history we have today only has VESTIGES of the original cell DNA inside, but there are threads to lead us back to the truth, because not matter hw skillful the criminal he can't cover all of his mistakes. 

Let's say it again!

The Torah Anthology: Because [Ham] looked at his naked father, his eyes became red, always appearing bloodshot. Because he mocking told his brothers about his father's condition, his lips were made thick and gross, like those of a Negro. Because he turned his head to see his father, the hair of his head and beard became kinky. Because he did not cover his father, it was decreed that he always go naked. 

We thus see that slaves in Egypt go naked. They even did so in Egypt. This was not because of poverty, since it is impossible to imagine that none of them would have enough money to buy clothing. The reason is that they live in a hot, damp climate, and it is very uncomfortable to wear clothing. The reason for this is their geographical location, since the Hamatic tribes live in tropical climes. It was this curse that caused them to live there. They must therefore go naked and become blacked by the sun (The Torah Anthology (translation of Me'am Lo'ez), Vol. 1, p. 392-3). 

Rashi (1040-1105), Jewish scholar and commentator, born in Troyes, France, and popularly known by the initials of his title and name, Rabbi Shelomoh ben Yishaq (Solomon bar Isaac). His chief works are his commentaries on the Babylonian Talmud and the Old Testament, especially the Pentateuch. His commentaries became widely known and influenced Christian theologians, including Martin Luther.[9]

Ha! European collaboration!

What is a Rabbi and when did they take over?

Racism 101

The rabbi was at once student, interpreter, and teacher of the Torah, and to prepare men for this varied role great yeshivas, or academies, were founded in ancient times in Palestine, at Jamnia (now Yavne) and Tiberias (both now Israel); and in Babylonia, at Sura, Nehardea, and Pumbedita. Such rabbinical academies existed in all the countries of the Diaspora into modern times.[10]

Rabbi (Hebrew, “my master”), honorary title of the Jewish masters of the Law. The title was first applied after the disputes between the schools of the Jewish rabbi and scribe Shammai and the Jewish rabbi and teacher Hillel. It was in use at the time of Jesus Christ, who was himself addressed as such. The title is still maintained, though not strictly, as the official designation of Jewish ministers.[11]

What did Yahshua say about the term Rabbi and this newly created office?

“But let not yourself be called ‘Rabbi’; because you have Rabbi, and you are all each other’s brothers. And do not call anyone ‘Father’ because you have one Father, and he is in Heaven, Nor are you to let yourself be called ‘leaders’ because you have one Leader, and he is Messiah!” Matthew 23:8-10

Yahshua was correcting the error of the Talmud and it’s followers, he said: ‘…the traditions of men make void the word of Yah.’

“What is hateful to you, do not do to your neighbor.” Hillel founded a liberal school of scriptural interpretation, which was in opposition to the rigid school of the scholar Shammai. The conflict ultimately was decided in favor of Hillel. For many generations the religious leaders of the Jewish community in Palestine were descendants of Hillel.[12]

The Talmud is the rabbinical commentary on the Torah and extra-Torah events. Most are reiterations of what already exists in the Word, others are what Rabbi’s thought was hidden or the deeper meaning, and others were just racist propaganda.

Gamaliel, name of several Jewish figures. In the Old Testament, Gamaliel is mentioned in Numbers as a prince of the tribe of Manasseh. In Jewish history of the New Testament period, Gamaliel is the name of a number of rabbis who were descendants of the rabbi and teacher Hillel. Of these the most notable were the following.[13]

He was from the Tribe of Manasseh – He was Shemetic/Khemetic in ancestry. Remember a name has meaning and will be used ancestrally.

(lived around AD 20-50), rabbi of the Pharisees, president of the Sanhedrin and the first rabbi to be honored with the title of rabban (Hebrew, “teacher” or “master”), afterward granted to all heads of the Sanhedrin who were descendants of Hillel. Gamaliel was a renowned teacher of the Law. The New Testament records Gamaliel's name in two instances: in Acts 5:34-40, he advises the Sanhedrin to treat the disciples of Jesus Christ with moderation; in Acts 22:3, St. Paul boasts that the great rabbi was his instructor in the Law.

In the Ashkenazi camp, the Talmud is weighed on the same level as the Torah, similarly as the Book of Mormon from the followers of Joseph Smith and the followers of Mohammed use and the Quran and the Bible.

Erubin 21b (Soncino edition): "My son, be more careful in the observance of the words of the Scribes (Talmud and Mishna) than in the words of the Torah (Old Testament)."



Now, we see from both ends, the so-called Protestant Reformer Martin Luther who born racism on his sleeve against those that were thought to be Jews/Hebrews and his program to promote a German agenda to erase the Hebraic/African views from the belief in the Hebrew Messiah.


On the Ashkenazi end, whose effort was to erase the African-ness from those same scriptures, by co-opting the heritage of the original peoples and making it impossible to return to the land except by their authority.

Question: Who have been the translators, the revisionists and the Transliterators since the 3rd century? Who holds the Dead Sea Scrolls hostage? Look to the European, the Tribe of Japheth that dwells in the tents of Shem.

The modern Synagogue based in the Greek word Synagogia were schools that were run by the Hellenistic Jews to teach converts about the Torah.  During the time of the Ashkenazi/Turkish conversion, these institutions were used to ‘school’ them in the word of Yah.  The problem was, the Hellenist had to refer them to the original peoples in Africa for the deeper things of scripture, and they have been seeking out information from us ever since. They stole a lot of stuff too!  Mr. HaLevy disguised himself when he went into Sudan and Ethiopia trying to procure African scriptures of antiquity they did not have


 - Beloved -

When you read a Version, a Translation or Transliterations  of the Bible keep in mind you must be a student of History, Biblical and non-Biblical. Pray, seek, knock and the door will be open - wake-up and see the truth of the word! 

And most of all! 

"Beware of the Scribes."

Read your Bible and search the scriptures, read history and the spirit of Truth (Emet the Amen) will bring you into ALL truth. Don't be afraid  - we are made in His image and after his likeness - there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed!






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