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 Are we Israelites or Hebrews?



Primary sources of Judaism for Africans

1. Indigenous African Ancestry.

2. Conversion

3. Intermarriage between Hebrews and other people of African descent.

4. Shiva:  The conscious reclaiming of Hebraic Culture by people of African origin whose ancestors were forced to accept and practice Constantinian (catholic) Christianity, Protestant Christianity, Islam and other religions. 

We must remember first of all we are the children of the Egyptian and our Hebraic roots spring from that Well.

Our religious practices are rooted in that African truth. I believe that Hebraism was a sect or offshoot of the Greater African religion as see in Egypt [at its zenith] and only later, due to the dis-information and confusion of European or Western cultural bandits this had been buried and obscured.   Currently modern Judaism is a shell of the copy of that oriental African religion , just as Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Druidism, Hinduism just to name a few, with some strands of DNA of the original African worship that show the tell-tale signs.

Priests of the Egyptian Mysteries were sent throughout the world to evangelize those who had left the motherland thousands of years before. Judaism was born out of the tradition of Ancient Egypt.

 Scriptures to support this conclusion



'On that day Yah will make his power more glorious by recovering the remnant of his people, those who are still left, from Assyria and Egypt, from Pathos, from Cush for Elam, from Shiner, Heath and the Islands of the Sea.

Isaiah 11:11

All the places aforementioned are of African peoples.


 How were we dispersed?



·        Migration as one main reason 140, 000,000 yeas ago and then 40,000 years ago.  This was the first wave that carried the basic understanding about the creator into the lands.

·        The next was the priesthood who then carried the refined message to those who had been cut off.

·        The third unfortunately was by the Arabic, then Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Slave Narratives

Many of us related the Biblical stories as a basis for our dispersion.


 How do we retrace our steps?




By understanding basic principle that has been cloaked in medieval and modern Judaism


'Here O Israel, The Lord your Elohim is One’


According to Ahmed Osman in his Book Moses and Ankhenaten:


"Before the time of Moses the patriarchs identified their God in a variety of terms, all of which were the name [f ancient Canaanite deities. El, El Elyon, E'Olam, El Shaddai,  El Ro-i, Elohim, Jehovah and Adonai. "

With the name Adon: the 'ai' can be removed from the word 'Adonai' as it is in the Hebrew pronoun meaning 'my' or 'mine' and signifies possession. We are then left with Adon [Lord] which is correctly noted by Freud is the Hebrew word for Aten...." Pg. 166-167.


He also states: 

"...as Freud [Moses and Monotheism] has noted, the God of Ankhenaten is the same as the God of Moses, as can be clearly seen fro the way the verse in Deuteronomy cited at the beginning of this chapter is written in Hebrew:


Shema  Yisrael, YaHWaH Elohina YaWHaH Ekhod. 


that is hear: 

O Israel, Jehovah [Yahweh] our God is the only God. 



However, according to this ancient tradition, when read ALOUD by Jewish believers, it becomes:


Shema, Yisrael: Adonai Elohina Adonai Ekhad


This confirms that a compromise was reached n Sinai under the old personal name of God Jehovah [Yahweh], before the time of Moses would never be pronounced again and should in every case be replaced by Adonai, the name of the God of Akhenaton." Pg. 168-169.



Eloah or Elohim  also carries the idea of multiplicity which relates back to the attributes of the One God Yahweh of the Hebrews as in Jehovah Shema, Nissi, Tsidkenu, Shalom, Roi, Rapha, etc...



These same Hebrew people who had tradition entrenched in the Lunar Cult [Moon worship] by migration, intermarriage and servitude, reinterpreted  the original Egyptian ideas into their religious beliefs after their particular Exodus. This same Elohim which was used in Canaan land by the cousins of the Egyptians relate to the concepts of the neter or neteru. 


The hands of the Aten of Life



The Neteru were the attributes or manifestations of the One Hidden God represented by male and female anthropomorphic types, zootype and natural and celestial bodies. The Hebrew scribes and later transliterates wanting to hide this fact in their misunderstanding and classification of the Egyptians and their Africans as polytheistic and the Hebrews as the so-called first Monotheistic religion in the world. This was the beginning of error and has only been compounded by racism, the advent of European Egyptology and a myopic and monolithic view of religion. 


Deuteronomy 6:4-9 long with many other Khemetic and Maatian principles of our ancestors are found copied within the pages of the Torah. 


The Schema, according to the Hebrew is a proclamation that Yah/Eloah is One alone and besides him there is no other Savior.  Yahweh-Shu [YahShua] being his attribute or right hand or his right arm and the instrument in which he has meted out Hebraic Salvation - to the Hebrew first and then to the Greek.



For  those who call themselves Hebrews or Jews along with those who consider themselves Christians and Muslims it would behoove all of us to look to Egypt for that is the womb of all religions, saviors and redemptions. 



"African Religion is World Religion"







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